Meet the team behind the service at Nicklassons; Meet Zach

As the times have changed, so has the way we do business. Technology has made us faster and more efficient, it's made us available 24/7, and it's allowed for an unprecedented amount of automation. But in a world where having to scream, "Representative!" into the phone is considered customer service, it's refreshing to find a business that favors personalization over automation. 

The team at Nicklassons is dedicated to providing the very best customer service; that means knowing your business as well as they know their own, partnering with the highest quality athletic brands, and knowing when to replace an email with a personal phone call or visit. It's part of the reason they've been serving Minnesota athletic teams for the last 70 years, and continue to see so much success today.

Let's meet the team that delivers this standard of service day in and day out, partnering with you to help your team look great and play great.

Name: Zach More

Title: Road salesman

When did you start working at Nicklassons? In 2005 I started in the retail side of the business.

Why did you originally decide to join the Nicklassons team? I have always loved sports and selling. It also helped that my parents worked for the store, I always wanted to follow in their footsteps. 

What do you like most about your job today? I love being able to come to work every day and work with products I'm passionate about. It is easy to learn about something you like and have been around your whole life.

What has changed the most since you started at Nicklassons?  The thing that has changed the most is how much the Internet has made selling more difficult. Everyone has every product at their fingertips.

What has stayed the same? Even though so many things keep changing, the thing that has stayed the same is the company’s goal to get schools the best items at the best prices. 

What does the word “service” mean to you? To me service is helping a customer to your fullest ability. Whether that means to just making the sale or helping to figure out what to do when there's a question or challenge.

What are some of your hobbies outside of work? Outside of work my life is basically sports. I love going to sporting events, playing sports and watching them on TV. Other than sports I like hanging out with my wife, friends and dog. 

Look for more team profiles coming soon!