Tips for switching up your workout routine this spring

March 20th marks the first official day of spring, and with it comes bracket-busting games, first glimpses of your favorite baseball team’s batting lineup, and the kind of weather that offers a welcomed excuse to take your workout outside of the gym. So ditch the treadmill and instead try these tips to help get you in shape for spring sports - no gym membership required!

Hill sprints: Sprints are a great way to get your heart rate up. Sprinting up a hill adds an extra element of strength training as your body weight balances gravity, strengthening your whole body.

Play in the park: All you need is a tree and a park bench to tone your whole body with this park workout from Fitness Magazine. Think you can’t tone up without the weights and machines at the gym? Using your body weight as resistance can be just as effective.

Jump rope: It’s not just for kids! Jumping rope not only blasts calories, but can also help improve coordination. Still think it’s child’s play? Try this jump rope workout from Men’s Fitness.

Switch it up: Routine is the enemy of endurance and stamina, so make sure you take advantage of every different workout opportunity spring brings!

No matter what your workout plans, Nicklasson’s has the high-quality apparel and knowledgeable staff to get you looking great and playing great this spring.